Victoria Harbour, Docklands

/Victoria Harbour, Docklands
Microtunnelling project in Docklands, Victoria

Victoria Harbour, Docklands

Victoria Harbour is positioned in the Melbourne Docklands area on the mouth of the Yarra River was a challenging projects for many reasons.

Water saturated Coode Island silt (3 meters below water table)

As close as 30m to the Yarra river

15 timber pylons and many concrete/rubble sections

Busy construction site

Edge Underground utilised the Axis Guided Boring System to install 427OD Hobas Jacking Pipe to install over 300m of gravity sewers on minimal grades.  The method was no only able to handle the soft wet silt but also able to drill through the many pylons and rubble present throughout the job.  In the past these conditions would require the removal of these obstructions however the Axis system was able to complete all lines without the need to remove any obstructions.


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