Vermeer AXIS laser guided boring machine

Versatile microtunnelling at minimal risk

When it comes to microtunnelling installations, there is a variety of methods and systems available, so it is important to choose the right technique to suit your individual site and project specifications. It’s particularly crucial for contractors to work with a machine that can work through a wide range of ground conditions, with a variety of pipes and configurations. However, most systems available to contractors lack the versatility to work through a wide range of ground conditions, or to offer a variety of pipes and configurations. The lack of versatility in many microtunnelling systems can cause problems on the jobsite...

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Installing a pipe with the Vermeer AXIS microtunnelling system

Getting it right the first time

Understanding ground conditions is key to getting a job done on time. The information a contractor has before starting a job is critical as geotech surveys do not always give the complete picture and once the drill starts it’s hard to - or impossible - turn back. This can cost clients time and money. Edge Underground has been contracted to complete a number of jobs that have been passed onto them from previous contractors and asked to get them done within a fraction of the time. According to Edge Underground Managing Director Stuart Harrison there is an established pattern that...

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Stuart Harrison

How mobile is your microtunnelling contractor?

The mobility of your microtunnelling contractor is an important factor to consider when choosing a suitable team for your project. According to Stuart Harrison, Managing Director of Edge Underground, if your chosen contractor cannot reach the jobsite within a short timeframe and arrive fully prepared with the correct equipment, they won’t be able to get the job done efficiently, and will most likely be unable to complete your installation to a high standard. How mobility affects project efficiency A good microtunnelling contractor is one that can arrive at the jobsite - no matter the location - and bring with them...

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Vermeer AXIS has a number of safety features

Safety from the ground up

Safety should be the number one priority across all microtunnelling job sites, but how can you be sure that your contractor is taking safety measures seriously across the board? To what extent can you trust their equipment safety measures, and how can you ensure that personnel consistently choose safety first? From advanced equipment technologies to their overall business model, Edge Underground goes above and beyond to ensure that safety requirements are kept at a high level without fail. A focus on equipment According to Stuart Harrison, Managing Director at Edge Underground, safety for their team begins at the equipment level....

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Microtunnelling project in Portland, US

Microtunnelling within a tight timeframe

Undertaking a microtunnelling installation within a tight timeframe can increase a project’s difficulty. However, certain measures can be taken to ensure that pipe installation is completed swiftly and efficiently with minimal hassle. We spoke to Stuart Harrison, Managing Director of Edge Underground to discuss pre-planning and microtunnelling best practices. Organising personnel Stuart Harrison, Managing Director at Edge Underground, has completed major microtunnelling works throughout Australia and abroad, with offices and personnel ready to work around the clock. “Here at Edge Underground we have three separate microtunnelling crews operating all over Australia. “Each crew is self-sufficient, mobile and has its own...

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Microtunnelling can be used to install pipes under railways

Level crossings lead to industry boom

The construction industry is set to receive a boost in Victoria thanks to the state government’s level crossings removal program. We spoke to microtunneller Stuart Harrison about the opportunities this eight year, multi-billion program will provide for contractors. After winning the 2014 state election, the Victoria’s Andrews’ Labor government established the Level Crossing Removal Authority, charged with the task of removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne. The Victorian Government allocated $2.4 billion in its 2015-16 budget to remove at least 20 level crossings by 2018. These sites form the basis of a long-term strategic plan being developed...

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Reduced site footprint

Steve Mitchell has the Edge

Edge Underground’s new business model is continuing to make waves in the trenchless industry. The company’s newest recruit, Steve Mitchell, met with Trenchless Australasia to talk engineering, the trenchless industry and the benefits of working as his own boss. Since joining the team at Edge Underground, Steve Mitchell has brought an impressive armory of skill and expertise to the trenchless team. His 25 years in chartered civil and professional engineering has expanded the capabilities of Edge to include installation methods such as auger boring and pipe-jacking. With a background in the site supervision of water and civil construction across Australia...

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