A laser guides the contractor for an accurate installation

How has laser guided microtunnelling revolutionised the industry?

Being able to install pipelines on-grade is a must these days. This is especially the case in urban areas where a deviation from the route can result in damage to existing underground infrastructure. Microtunnelling is a trenchless method designed to achieve a high level of accuracy to prevent this. Laser guided machines, in particular, aid contractors in consistently installing pipelines on-grade. Guiding the way Microtunnelling is one of three main trenchless technologies for pipe installation that are pit-launched. Compared to the other main pit-launched technologies, thrust boring (also known as auger boring) and bed boring, microtunnelling offers the best accuracy....

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The Vermeer AXIS drill head can be retracted

Minimising risk with retractable equipment

Knowing the ground conditions at a jobsite is imperative for completing a successful microtunnelling installation, however incorrect geotechnical information is not uncommon and can cost a project time and money. Here, Stuart Harrison, Managing Director at Edge Underground, discusses the benefits of choosing equipment that can retract when ground conditions are not what they seem. Mr Harrison said there are a number of factors to take into consideration when when it comes to ground conditions, and the more that the contractor knows, the higher the chance of success. However, it’s not uncommon for contractors to arrive on site and find...

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Sewer installation using microtunnelling

In what circumstances is microtunnelling most appropriate for executing gravity slope sewer lines?

In the past, gravity slope sewer lines were installed via open cut or tunnelling methods. Today there are two main methods of trenchless sewer construction: horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and microtunnelling.The key is selecting the most appropriate and technically feasible method - the method chosen must be capable of doing the job in the prevailing environmental conditions and within project specifications. Here are some environmental conditions and project specifications where microtunnelling is the most appropriate method for a gravity slope sewer installation. An accurate slope Proper slope of gravity sewer pipes is important to ensure liquids flow smoothly and any...

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Edge Underground completes a pipeline installation using microtunnelling

Reducing ground movement on tunnelling projects

When it comes to trenchless installations in urban areas, one of the key factors that needs to be taken into account is existing critical infrastructure. One wrong move can cause costly damage, increasing project time and costs. Here, Stuart Harrison, Managing Director of Edge Underground, looks at how microtunnelling offers a solution to the problems of pipeline installations in areas near critical infrastructure such and buildings and underground utilities. Ground movement One of the problems associated with tunnelling in urban environments is the risk of the ground moving in the vicinity of the installation taking place. “Whenever you have deep...

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Vermeer AXIS laser guided boring machine

In close quarters

When it comes to installing pipelines close to buildings, maintaining the stability of the structure is a major consideration. Microtunnelling is a trenchless solution that reduces the impact on the ground surrounding the installation, making it ideal for use in installations close to buildings and critical underground infrastructure. In 2016, Edge Underground was called in to take over a project from another contractor to install an 88mm, 315 HDPE sewer pipe at a school in Mango Hill, north of Brisbane. Stuart Harrison, Managing Director at Edge Underground, said the pipe needed to be installed right next to the school at...

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Less excavation means less disruption to the environment

An environmentally friendly solution for pipe installations

Utilities are increasingly aware of the impact of pipeline installations on the surrounding environment. While all trenchless methods involve minimal impact there is a microtunneling system available that takes this one step further. According to Stuart Harrison, Managing Director of Edge Underground, microtunnelling with machines such as the Vermeer AXIS guided boring system has a number of benefits that limit damage and destruction to the surrounding environment, flora and fauna. This includes reducing site footprint, shorter restoration times, and low carbon emissions. Reduced site footprint “Trenchless technologies such as microtunnelling operate within a smaller site footprint than traditional open-cut trench...

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Edge Underground at a project site

Balancing high and low demand periods

The demand for work within industries such as microtunnelling is not always stable. Periods of high and low demand are constantly changing and can be hard to predict. Contractors need to be able to balance these demand periods and consider their decisions – as one poor choice can be the difference between a business thriving or going under. According to Edge Underground Managing Director Stuart Harrison, during periods of high demand there is an excess of work, and it’s not uncommon to see a lot of new contractors enter the industry and old contractors come back. “When there is a...

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