Edge Underground is an experience microtunnelling contractor

Why should you choose a mobile microtunnelling contractor?

When you’re selecting a microtunnelling contractor to complete your project, taking into consideration their mobility is a crucial factor in ensuring you have a higher chance for a successful outcome within time and budget constraints.  If your chosen contractor cannot reach the jobsite within a short timeframe and arrive fully prepared with the correct equipment, they won’t be able to get the job done efficiently. Increased efficiency A mobile microtunnelling contractor can arrive at a jobsite — at any location — and bring with them a sufficient number of personnel and the correct equipment to carry out works. This affects...

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Pipes at a microtunnelling site

The best pipe for the job

Pipe selection — along with the use of the correct pipe joints and appropriate trenchless installation method — is a critical element in ensuring the success of a trenchless pipeline installation, and keeping installation and maintenance costs down. The pipe material chosen can be influenced by a number of factors, including the method of installation. Here, we look at the different types of pipe material available, and the most appropriate applications and installation methods. Clay pipes Clay pipes have been used for centuries, and have been a popular option where aggressive conditions are present, particularly for sewerage applications. They are...

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Steel casing

Keeping project costs down with microtunnelling

Microtunnelling technology has come a long way since it was first developed, and can now provide projects with significant cost savings. Here, we look at three key areas where microtunneling can help projects save time and money. Stuart Harrison, Managing Director at Edge Underground, said that while open-cut methods have traditionally been more cost effective, microtunnelling now offers a competitive alternative with several features helping contractors keep the cost of installation to a minimum. “Having the correct equipment, such as the Vermeer AXIS laser guided boring machine, can greatly reduce project costs as it has been designed to maximise productivity...

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Installing a pipe

What are the benefits of selecting an unbiased expert for a trenchless project?

There is no one-size-fits-all method of trenchless pipeline installation because every project is different; there are different ground conditions, different design tolerances and project specifications, and different types and diameters of pipes. This means that in order to have the best chance of a successful pipeline installation, it is important to get an experienced contractor who can provide unbiased advice on the best method and pipe for your installation. The reality is there are numerous trenchless methods of pipeline installation available, and these will be suited to some projects more than others. Selecting the best method for the prevailing conditions...

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A variety of site configurations to reduce disruption

What should clients consider when selecting a microtunnelling contractor?

When it comes to microtunnelling, an installation is only as good as the contractor undertaking the project. But with numerous contractors to choose from it’s important to know what to look for when selecting one to ensure the best chance of a successful installation. Here, we look at four key considerations when selecting a microtunnelling contractor. 1) The contractor’s track record in the presumed ground conditions Ground conditions can make or break the success of a microtunnelling project, so selecting a microtunnelling contractor that is sufficiently experienced in similar ground conditions will provide the highest chance of success. Unfortunately, it...

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Microtunnelling cutter face

Microtunnelling: more than just pipeline installations

While microtunnelling machines have traditionally been used for pipeline installations, their versatility has seen them increasingly used for projects beyond their original scope. More projects are seeking the advice of expert microtunnelling contractors to provide an innovative drilling or boring solution for infrastructure projects. A growing market One of the areas where microtunnelling machines are being used more is for tunnel canopy supports which are installed to reduce the occurrence of subsidence in structures that are above the proposed route of a tunnel during excavation. Tunnel canopy supports consist of numerous bores—ranging from 150mm to 1200mm in diameter—with a 50-70mm...

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Edge Underground completes a pipeline installation using microtunnelling

How can contractors using larger microtunnelling machines meet specifications when tolerances are tight?

For larger microtunnelling machines, German standards quote 50mm from the design line. However, some contractors feel this tolerance is too restrictive for large machines - such as say an AVN 2400 which could weigh some 50 tonnes - especially when tunnelling through soft, mixed soils. When using such machines, there is limited data that contractors can access to assess ground conditions, so ultimately accuracy will come down to experience and ensuring the client understands the achievable installation tolerance. The major problem with projects where the microtunnelling machine is cutting through soft, mixed soil, is that there is not really an...

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