Axis – wins via KO in the emissions stakes

/Axis – wins via KO in the emissions stakes

Axis – wins via KO in the emissions stakes

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Last updated August 24th, 2012

For some time the belief has been that microtunnelling can install pipelines with dramatic emissions savings

In Portland Oregon, Edge Underground took on an open cut project via the Axis guided boring system.  The project required the installation on 16″ gravity sewer mains.  The area was a scenic neighborhood on the outskirts of Portland Oregon USA.  Edge Underground offered a competitve package to Northwest Excavations and was given the nod.

During the installation Dr Sam Ariaratnam ( now ISTT president ) and his team at Arizona State University did an emissions study utilizing the “E Calc” emissions calculator. The results were a staggering emissions success story.  This project was wins all around, the City of Portland were thrilled, the principle contractor reduced by cost and risk, Edge Underground continued to provide innovative and successful outcomes whilst at the same time generating far fewer emissions.