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When Dan Liotti of Midwest Mole contacted Stuart Harrison of Edge Underground regarding a 400 foot interstate freeway crossing in Mt Vernon IL USA their creative juices started to flow.  The crossing required a 36 inch steel casing to be inserted 30 feet deep in below water table layered shale and limestone.  The issue was the length of the installation would require numberous SBU adjustments which was estimated to take up to 6 weeks.

The decision was made to use Edge Underground and the Vermeer Axis Guided Boring system to pilot shot the line for the Robbins SBU.  Edge were able to pinpoint a pilot shot in 3 and a half days of drilling and Midwest upsized with the SBU in a week.  The project was a absolute success.  The pilot shot also acted as a geological sample and a guiding line which ensure both efficiency and accuracy.  Another successful outcome for both companies.

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