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Date: 22/05/2018 | Category: , , ,

Pipe jacking is a trenchless pipeline installation method that has gained popularity as an alternative to open cut methods in urban areas where existing infrastructure needs to be navigated and disruption to residents needs to be minimised. Here, we look at the environmental, urban and safety...

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Date: 15/04/2018 | Category: , , , , , ,

In crowded urban areas, the installation of underground utilities can pose major disruption to the community and the surrounding environment. When considering environmental concerns and community impact, trenchless technologies such as microtunnelling can help mitigate concerns by minimising...

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Date: 05/03/2018 | Category: , , , , , ,

There are several things to consider before undertaking a microtunnelling installation that influence accuracy, downtime and costs. Here, Stuart Harrison, Managing Director at Edge Underground, looks at five critical considerations that need to be taken into account to achieve a successful...

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Date: 20/11/2017 | Category: , , , , , , , , ,

Trenchless technology has been quickly growing in popularity due to its vast environmental, cost and time benefits. When selecting which technique, such as microtunnelling or HDD, to use for a pipe installation there are differences that need to be considered. Here, we look at the types of...

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Date: 10/10/2017 | Category: , , , , , ,

Unlike deep excavation, trenchless techniques such as microtunnelling bypass surface obstructions and have minimal impact on the surrounding environment. In the case of water and sewer pipeline installations, this has multiple benefits for the community and environment, and reduces risks during...

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Date: 05/09/2017 | Category: , , , , , ,

Being able to install pipelines on-grade is a must these days. This is especially the case in urban areas where a deviation from the route can result in damage to existing underground infrastructure. Microtunnelling is a trenchless method designed to achieve a high level of accuracy to prevent...

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