48 hour railway crossing – can it be done?

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Installing a sewer line under a railway is no simple task at the best of times. What if you had just two days to complete it? Edge Underground found itself in such a position when the Gold Coast City Council asked for a gravity sewer line to be installed via trenchless technology along the Old Pacific Highway in Pimpama, with a section of the sewer line needing to be installed beneath a section of the Queensland Railway. There was one major condition with the project: the railway had to be reopened within 48 hours, ‘no ifs, no buts’.

Microtunnelling and HDD – what’s the difference?

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All too often, project managers will choose a pipeline installation method simply because they’ve used it more often in the past or it’s cheaper, when in reality a different approach could be far better suited for the job. Both microtunnelling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) are trenchless installation methods used in a wide variety of projects. Choosing the best one for your project could be the difference between a painless, streamlined installation, and a job that drags over-budget and time, and is more likely to have problems in the future. Identifying the ideal method can be as simple as remembering a few key differences between microtunnelling and HDD.

What are the main benefits of using a laser guided tunnel boring machine over other microtunnelling machines?

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Stuart Harrison caused a stir in the microtunnelling industry when the Vermeer AXIS laser guided boring system was officially launched in 2009. Since then, laser-guided machinery has been used to install hundreds of thousands of metres of sewer and water pipelines around the world, and has changed the game for pipeline projects in Australia. So what makes laser guided microtunnelling a standout in the crowded field of trenchless pipeline installation methods? Apart from the science fiction appeal, laser guided systems offer a number of real advantages that all serious pipeline project managers should be aware of.

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